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Domestic plant extracts are facing an awkward situation, advanced extraction equipment will be the solution

        [China Food Machinery and Equipment Network Original Website] It is understood that on February 26, the State Food and Drug Administration issued the "Administrative Measures for the Registration and Filing of Health Food", which will be implemented from July 1, 2016. The entire industry is paying attention to the implementation of the dual-track system of health foods, but whether the health product filing system can open another window for the plant extract industry that has always depended on exports is still full of variables.

        Faced with embarrassing situation of domestically-implanted extracts lacking in standards, advanced extraction equipment may crack industry development difficulties


        Plant extracts refer to plant products with bio-small molecules and polymers as the main body, which are formed by the purpose of separating and purifying one or more active ingredients in plant raw materials by physical, chemical and biological means. It is used in the production of plant medicines, food additives, functional foods, daily chemicals, plant-derived pesticides and veterinary drugs.


        According to reports, plant extract products play an important role in the large health industry chain. Ginkgo biloba, rutin, lingonberry, green tea, and grape seed extract are among the larger sales in the market. The plant extract industry, as a "collection" of medicine, fine chemicals and agriculture, is mainly used in the functional factor, dietary supplement and functional food industries. It is estimated that by 2015, the global market size of functional factors, dietary supplements, and functional food industries will reach 250 billion U.S. dollars, while China's market size is expected to reach 500 billion yuan.


        Despite the broad market prospects, China's plant extract industry has gradually shown a series of problems in the development process in recent years.


Lack of standards, domestic implant extracts face awkward situation


        Now many Chinese people travel abroad to buy foreign dietary supplements and biomedical medicines. The concept of "pure natural" and "plant extraction" is optimistic. In fact, many foreign health products use China's plant extracts. Essential oils in Thailand and some daily products require our plant extracts, and food pigments in India have our plant extracts. However, the vast majority of domestic consumers do not approve domestic health products because of concerns about quality, and choose to buy their favorite natural health products from abroad. According to Zhang Shuli, the director of Zhitiqiao Media, "the fact that our country's own extracts have to go around a large circle to enter our market" is a strange phenomenon because China lacks a uniform standard for plant extracts. "In particular, the recent Ginkgo biloba incident in China has reduced the status of China's plant extracts in the international market." In this regard, Yu Zhibin confirmed Zhang Shuli's statement with data.


        "In fact, incidents similar to Ginkgo biloba are involved in many domestic health food companies." Industry sources said that taking the currently popular antioxidant health food as an example, many grape seed extracts have appeared on the market as raw materials. The production process of raw materials, raw material extracts, raw material extraction, and mixing principles all lack standards and specifications, and quality is difficult to control. Some supplements do not contain labeled plant extracts at all.


        The lack of uniform standards and poor self-discipline of the plant extract industry in China is a major factor leading to the inability of China's plant extract industry to develop faster. According to industry insiders, the key to the development of plant extracts in China is the control of product quality. If the product quality is not up to par and counterfeit and shoddy products cannot be eliminated, there will be a fatal threat to the development of the industry. Product quality issues are a fatal blow to consumer confidence, and from the perspective of international development trends, the United States and other Western countries have a stricter quality supervision of plant extract products. Therefore, under the environment that China ’s plant extract industry lacks a unified standard, the quality of products produced by some poorly regulated production enterprises cannot be guaranteed, which hinders the development of China's plant extract industry to a certain extent.


        Advanced extraction technology and equipment may solve development problems for the plant extract industry in China


        In fact, the development of the extract industry is closely related to the upstream food extraction equipment industry. Because plant extracts are mainly used in food and beverage, health products and other industries directly related to life and health, quality control of plant extract products is the core link of the entire industrial chain, and raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products are all subject to strict monitoring. The quality control of plant extract products mainly includes quantitative inspection and limited inspection. Quantitative inspection refers to the detection of the content of the effective substance of interest, and the limited inspection items include the detection of impurities, moisture, ash, heavy metals, pesticide residues, microorganisms, etc. of plant sources or plant extracts. Therefore, various types of detection equipment will become an important guarantee for the quality and safety of plant extracts.


        All in all, the plant extract industry is a technology-dependent industry. Advanced extraction technology and equipment can not only greatly improve the quality of extract products, but also improve the utilization of raw materials, reduce raw material waste, and reduce production costs. In the future, the future development of the plant extract industry will require a long way to go. Food machine enterprises need to increase research and development efforts, improve technology, optimize production processes, configure automation equipment, and process high-quality product materials in order to develop more scientific, more reasonable, More effective products to meet the needs of different consumers, refined management and optimized service.


        (Source: China Food Machinery Equipment Network Reference: Sohu News China Food News)

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